December 14, 2023

FSG Team Update – Fortnite

For nearly three years a number of FSG staff has been hard at work on Fortnite. It’s been a genuine pleasure helping Epic ship dozens of amazing updates over the course of that time. Since we began work on the project, we’ve assisted in many different aspects including quest and event content design, in-game 3d art, UI and feature design, UI engineering, and tools engineering. The FSG team has helped design and implement quest event content as well, such as: No Sweat Summer, Fortnitemares, Winterfest, Star Wars and much more.

During Chapter 5 Season 1, the FSG team contributed to the following elements as well:

  • Production & QA assisted in ranked bug fixing and live feedback by playtesting up to the Unreal rank multiple times
  • UI Engineering helped build the quest UI system to support multiple products launching within Fortnite during C5S1 release
  • Designers implemented the Winterfest, Kickstart, and preliminary weeks of quest content for the season
  • Level Design helped in creating Ship It! Express in-world structures and placed narrative, event, and quest props
  • QA set up playtest profiles for staff and ran test passes on content (BVT’s, EODs, RFT’s, RFQA’s)
  • Artists concepted and created a number of 3d assets to support narrative and quest content efforts

We look forward to the continued partnership with Epic Games on Fortnite and always enjoy seeing fan reactions to the new additions in live. If you haven’t checked out Fortnite in a while, or if you haven’t tried it before, we’d definitely recommend you hop in and see all the great content the team has helped implement!

Thank you for your continued support of our team.
Final Strike